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Imagine how it would feel…

  • To wake up to a fully booked calendar of business meetings. 

  • To automate your business and put it on auto-pilot 

  • To never have to approach your cold market because you are continuously adding to your warm market. 

  • To learn how to use Instagram and optimize it for conversions

  • To create boundaries with your social media and device.

  • To meet your monthly volume goals with evergreen content.

You want to leverage social media to attract new potential business partners and customers but don't know where to start.  You find yourself posting and praying with little to no results. 

You want to create an endless warm market with quality people who are interested in what you do and asking YOU how to get started.

Enroll now and receive the limited time Bundle Pack

Enroll now, and receive the DM mini e-course FREE
valued at $497

Inside the DM course, you will learn how to find quality people online and how to have conversations with your new connections with a focus on building a relationship with them all inside your DM's.

Plus you will learn how to transition that conversation into business and take it offline where they will be booking a Discovery Call with you to learn about your opportunity and how they can get started.

What you get in the DM course:

  • ​Create your own highly converting opportunity video using my proven script

  • Receive 6 videos via email that will teach you how to implement the mini e-course

  • Conversations Scripts

  • Conversation checklist

  • Discovery Call Script

  • Discovery Call Workflow

  • Daily Operations Flow Chart


  • My follow-up system so no leads fall through the cracks

  • Own your calendar by automating your own scheduling system.

This course is self-directed and all content will be sent to your email inbox

The Social Media Bootcamp is for social sellers who are ready to promote in their social selling business using attraction marketing to turn their followers into business partners.

Social Media Bootcamp For Network Marketers + DM mini course BUNDLE

Social Media Bootcamp For Network Marketers + DM mini course BUNDLE

Are you ready to leverage your social media and use it to reach more people for your social selling business?  Want to learn how to put your direct sales business on auto-pilot and have a fully booked calendar?


Inside the Social Media Bootcamp for Network Marketers, you will learn the in's and out's of social media and how to use Instagram as a tool to build your social selling business.


You will leave the Bootcamp knowing what your brand and niche are and how to use the platform to fully optimize your visibility, build your authority, and be seen as the expert so you can and start turning your followers into business partners.


What you will learn:

  • IG basics: How to utilize all parts of Instagram
  • How to maximize your visibility and reach
  • Understanding hashtags and how to use them to find your next ACE on repeat.
  • The seasons of content and how to line that up with the seasons of your business to maximise your company’s compensation plan
  • Attract new clients and business partners with captions that convert.
  • Increase your monthly commissions and product sales with evergreen content.
  • Create a pipeline and funnel that guides your new connections right into your calendar.
  • Social media wellness and how to create balance and boundaries with your device.
  • Social media hacks to ease your frustrations.
  • Leverage your time with outsourcing and what is available to you


What you'll receive:

  • Six 60-minute group coaching call + recordings
  • Group branding brainstorm sessions
  • Group bio audits 
  • Access to the member hub
  • All content and bonus features in the DM course




  • Receive all content from the Stop The Scroll -Turn Your Followers Into Business Partners 5 Day Set Up Shop Challenge
  • Bonus training: How To Strategize Your Social Media With Video
  • Receive the DM mini-e-course and bonus features for FREE ($497 value)
  • Learn my Discovery Call system 
  • Daily Operations Flow Chart


Bootcamp starts May 11, 2021

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