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Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Do you have an event coming up that you want to get your makeup done?

Here are some things you should do in preparation that will not only give you that flawless finish but will make your MUA happy.

2 weeks Prior

Find the best skincare and consistently use it day and night for at least 2 weeks before your event. If you are thinking about switching up your routine or the brand, give yourself plenty of time for your skin to adjust. Sometimes your skin needs to adjust its oil levels based on the skincare you are using. Not allowing enough time, could leave you with sensitive skin, red patches, or oily skin. I offer a free skin consult to all my clients who book an application with me. Need help deciding what skincare system works best for you? Take my skincare quiz!

No picking. You don’t want any scabs sitting on your face that you want to be covered up, so keep those fingers off your face for the next little while.

1 week

Hydrate from the inside. OK, this goes without saying but you need to keep your water intake up to ensure you are adequately hydrated and your MUA will totally notice. and probably thank you! Makeup will apply smoother and won’t give that “caked on” look we all want to avoid. As professionals, there isn’t much that we can do to combat dry skin. I recommend drinking at least 2-4 Liters a day.

No treatments. To make sure you don’t have any unwanted redness, scars or side effects its best to leave some time in between treatments and your event *Advise your professional and see what their recommendations are and healing time.

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Get your eyebrows done - by a professional. Whether that is waxing or threading, get those hairs tidied up.

3 days Prior

Exfoliate! Use some form of exfoliation 3 days prior to your event. This is to sluff off the dead skin that sits on top. Don’t worry, we all have it! You need to use more than just a daily scrub but not too harsh that it will leave your skin dry and irritated. Make sure to add in some SPF whether that is in your moisturizer or your makeup. Your skin is very delicate after you have exfoliated so protect it from the sun!

Don’t forget about your lips! Find a sugar scrub and scrub those lips! Especially during the Saskatchewan winters, our lips tend to dry the quickest. After you exfoliate your lips, add a salve on top to protect those puckers. Here is what I use.

Photo by Nika Akin on Unsplash

Hydrate! This is most important after you have exfoliated. Make sure to moisturize every day AND night for at least the 3 days leading up to the day (you should be doing this every day regardless if you are getting your makeup done or not). This way your makeup will apply smoother, blend nicer and last longer. Hydration needs to come from the inside and the outside so both your water intake and day/night cream play important roles.

Day of

Come in with a bare face. Time is of the essence, especially with bridal parties. To help out, make sure to come without any makeup on and your skin nicely prepped. We don’t have the time to properly cleanse your face with soap and water. I personally keep some wipes and micellar water handy just in case, but getting the opportunity to start on a freshly cleansed face is like starting on a fresh clean canvas.

Some added tips

If you are planning to use a sunless tanner whether that is getting a spray tan or doing it yourself, make sure to have a trial before your event to get a good idea on the colour and the application. Makeup is magic but we can only do so much in the amount of time we have. Covering up patches and making sure everything blends true to colour takes time! Your face is our working billboard so the end result matters to us just as much as it matters to you.

If you are part of a wedding party, work with the MUA ahead of time and find a lip colour that you like and purchase it so you can carry it around with you all day. Lips are the one thing you will be touching up throughout the day so having a go-to colour that everyone can use, will make sure no one will be rocking a bright red lip when your MUA paired your look with a beautiful soft pink.

Follow all these steps and you and your MUA will be happy with the finished look. Your skin will look smooth as butter in your photos! Selfie away! - just don't forget to tag your artist ;)

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